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Rock Marketing has been the go-to supplier of insurance items and promotional materials for brokerages all over Ontario for over 20 years. Today the company specializes in insurance items and promotional items for every industry need. The company started in Cambridge, Ontario in 1996 with an insurance broker selling insurance programs. Nowadays his children run the company, sticking to their father’s business values and expanding the company more throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

Many companies and business owners often ponder, “How can I reach more of my target market or audience?” Although print advertising can be effective, there are many monthly costs and fees to maintain your ad in a newspaper, magazine, or sign. Sometimes there can be too much information in your ad and can overwhelm your target reader, or sometimes your target is driving and can’t fully absorb the work you put into a billboard or sign ad, and on occasion the sign or billboard isn’t in the most visable spot. Sometimes a call to action is not direct enough, and the reader doesn’t act because of this. That’s were promotional advertising is a fantastic opportunity for your company’s image to be seen and acted upon!

Using promotional materials or swag to promote your company, image, and branding is valuable and it works. What makes branded items so essential to any company is that they can present key information; your name or your contact information. By selecting the right product to suit your targets’ needs you are with them when they need you! Whether it is a pen on a desk ready to write, a tote bag to carry their belongings, or a keychain to organize which key opens where, your brand is with your client and always in their frame of mind.

By choosing the right item suiting your industry you can have a useful or handy item your target uses everyday – which means they think of you everyday! When you remain a positive interaction with your client they are sure to return to you every time they need your services or products. Promotional items used by your clients also showcase your brand to their friends and families as well as the rest of the public, expanding your company reach.

Rock Marketing is the perfect distributor of promotional materials to businesses and corporations. This is because with ever-changing markets our relationship with manufacturers and distributors allow us to quote competitive products for a variety of everyday and unique needs. We have been the go-to source for many businesses and organizations because of our service and understanding of what our clients need and purposes are. It is as important to our clients as it is to us to get their products within the right budget and time frame that they need them delivered by.

So next time your company is looking for the right giveaway for your favourite clients or hosting, fundraising, vending an event, give a call to the family at Rock Marketing for your promotional needs!

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