We are a family-owned Canadian marketing firm, specializing as distributors of promotional marketing products and company branded items. We are based in Cambridge, Ontario and service the Tri-Cities, Greater Toronto Area, Northern Ontario, as well as other provinces.

We consult small business owners and companies of various growth sizes to showcase promo that corelate to their branding, industry themes, key messaging and project needs.

Through our consulting we show our clients how to use promo marketing to appreciate and engage with their target audiences, expand their brand reach, and how promo materials can be used with other advertising campaigns for strategic and impactful marketing.

As Promotional Product Distributors and Consultants we offer
Low Minimum Quantities, Competitive Pricing, Various Product Options,
with Personable and Reliable Customer Service.


It’s a pun, and it’s true! Promo Marketing rocks and we can show you why.






Products such as custom branded pens and coffee mugs are perfect examples of promotional marketing – these items are so handy and useful that anyone can use them!

Every time a company branded pen signs a signature or a sip is taken from a branded coffee mug, that person is engaging with that brand. With each interaction the receiver of those products is reminded of the company, of experiences with the brand or employees, and will continue to grow a positive association with the business with each use. Next time the receiver is in need of your business’ products or services they will be even more likely to bring their business to you.

With Rock Marketing, we will help find a promo product that not only matches your business’ branding and campaign needs, but will be used often, if not daily, by your target audience, prospects, and core clientele.


Promo Marketing provides a fun and creative way to market your business! Who enjoys being given a gift, or being appreciated with one? Everyone does! It not only feels good to receive a gift – but it feels good to give them too. This act of giving engages your audience to interact with your brand. Promotional Marketing is fun and is so impactful when integrated with other advertising campaigns.

Increase Mailout Campaign Opening Rates by adding a custom branded pen or calendar to your direct mail package – it’s much more exciting and fun to open than a bill or flyer!

Promote your Social Media Presence with company branded phone holders or accessories. Add your company’s @username or #hashtag to encourage follows and likes online!

Enhance Event and Trade Show Engagement by gifting unique and targeted products at your booth. Use this time of gifting the swag to educate the attendee about your brand.

Promo Marketing is marketing that consumers can – and want to – engage with. The more engaged your consumer is the more interested they are in your brand. An engaged audience is eager to listen to your brand’s message, remember your products or services, and in the future are likely to bring their business to you, or trust and feel good referring friends or family to your business. 


Event and Trade Show Give Aways

Brand Exposure and Reach

Gift with Purchase or Membership

Employee or Staff Recognition

Corporate or Event Apparel

Special Events or Holiday Gifting

Appreciation and Retention

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