Year Long Advertising

 With technology so predominant in today’s daily life, many would believe that calendars would be archaic for company marketing. This is far from the truth!

Calendars remain a popular and low-cost advertising medium for multiple reasons:

62% of consumers own a promo calendar.

Statistics show that the average household uses 3 calendars, not including calendars used in the workplace.

The average number of impressions for a promotional calendar is 850 in their lifetime, or more than 2 impressions a day.

Women are more prone to consult their promo calendars daily than men.

Calendars are popular with all ages of consumers! 31% of Millennials and Gen X’ers use a promotional calendar daily.

52% of promo calendars are kept for 1 year or more.

Since planners help schedule appointments, weekly to do’s and keep consumers on track of their lives, they are advertising your business throughout the entire year. That means your brand is with your loyal customer all year long!

There are a variety of calendars available, from wall and desk calendars to weekly/monthly planners, and of course there are so many styles to choose from, fitting any industry’s need! Custom image calendars are also available, giving your company full freedom to brand exactly how you want with important key messaging.

If your company is considering giving away branded calendars, be sure to act fast! Most businesses order calendars in the summer to fall to ensure the style that most fits their branding is available. Pending on the style, calendars can sell out quickly. One of the advantages of ordering calendars is that even when ordered earlier in the year, they can be shipped in the fall, perfect for distributing October through January; not taking up any space in your facilities.

Rock Marketing’s most popular items are wall and desk calendars. Click the buttons above to view our 2020 pricing and the styles available.