For 20 years Rock Marketing has been providing various promotional products for insurance brokers and companies throughout Ontario and eastern provinces. Our most popular item throughout all these years remains insurance wallets. Two other vinyl policy wallets that can be made custom to your company’s design are life insurance and investment portfolios, also known as portfolio holders.
Insurance wallets have been our highest produced product over the years for many reasons:

  • Their vinyl material make them withstand and remain presentable despite the test of time
  • This same vinyl material protects the contents within the wallet in a cost-effective manner
  • Their compact size allows them to be with your client everywhere they go
  • Any information can be printed on them: logo, social media platforms, contact information; anything you need to promote your company
  • They are highly customized in vinyl colour, imprint colour, and style of card holder

These are the most common reasons our clientele has used insurance wallets and still do to this day. However, these handy vinyl wallets are not restricted to the world of insurance brokerages. They can also be designed as business card holders for your staff to use or to distribute to clients.

There are countless styles you can choose for your company’s card holders, depending on your preference. For example you can have a bi-fold crease or tailored seam on the outer edges to provide a classy look, or for a more practical design you can imprint you logo on the front and your contact information on the back to optimize your company logo.

Overall, insurance wallets are an item your client needs to keep their information together in one easy- to access spot. Utilizing this practical use item with your logo will not only expand the reach of your business, but reinforce loyalty of your client as they use it every day.

Insurance wallets are also known by these names: liability card holders, liability wallets, registration holders, license liability card holders, automobile warranty wallets, pink slip wallets, or dealership wallets.

To place a customized order for your insurance wallets, contact Rock Marketing today for details!